Electrostatic painting of metal parts

Electrostatic painting service

Look no further for all your electrostatic powder painting application needs: here you will find the professionalism, strictness and expertise that allowed Dicard Painting to takes its place among the experts in the industrial and construction sectors.

With an approach that puts your needs at the core of the equation, Dicard Painting offers you the best experience.

By combining innovative, fully robotic and efficient technology with our attention to quality, observance of application conditions and specifications, and environmental standards, we achieve pleasing, professional results.

Of course, the entire Dicard Painting team closely oversees the technological equipment to ensure optimum results.

Our own trucks and trailers are also used to enhance your customer experience, by greatly simplifying the transportation of metal parts.

Steel and aluminum

Steel and Aluminum Pre-treatment

The five-step pretreatment favored by Dicard Painting complies with the industry's good practices.

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Electrostatic painting
of architectural structures

Electrostatic painting of architectural structures

Confidently entrust us with your electrostatic paint application projects involving a wide range of external or interior structures, such as window frames, railing or street lights.

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Our electrostatic painting expertise

Our electrostatic painting expertise

Production capacity

Rely on our electrostatic powder to treat parts up to 24 feet in length on our sturdy conveyor, suitable for parts weighing up to 800 pounds. Our expertise, including in square tube, round pole and commercial pipe coating, allows for impeccable results.

Delivery Service

Fast and efficient delivery, at competitive prices. This is what Dicard Painting offers, with an interesting selection of trucks serving the vast majority of Quebec and Ontario cities, not to mention closed-canvas trailers up to 53 feet.

Lines of Business

Through the years, Dicard Painting has been able to develop unmatched expertise in the architecture, industrial and construction fields. Our steel and aluminum surface coating skills allow us to achieve professional results.

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