Steel and Aluminum Pre-treatment for electrostatic paint

Steel and Aluminum Pre-treatment

If electrostatic powder painting techniques continue to be refined, Dicard Painting pledges to constantly remain on the cutting edge of technology, by adapting its practices to the latest trends and innovations.

Adequate and meticulous pretreatment of metals is essential for the adhesion of the final coating of powder paint to the metal. Dicard Painting excels in using the spraying process to wash and prepare mixed metal surfaces, a state-of-the-art technique to ensure complete adhesion and an optimum result for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With aluminum it results in being able to withstand over 4 000 hours of salt mist, complying with the ASTM B117 standard.

Five steps, including metal degreasing, cleaning and corrosion protection, make this method of chemical pretreatment with zirconium one of the most innovative.

Versatile, it is suitable for mixed metals such as cold and hot-rolled steel, zinc-plated steel and aluminum.

Steel and Aluminum Pre-treatment for electrostatic paint